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Cowboy Wisdom: “There are Two Types of People in This World”

Cowboy Wisdom: “There are Two Types of People in This World”

Every day ain’t full of hell yeahs and yeehaws out here on the range, or in life, that’s the god’s honest truth.

The way I see it, there are 2 types of people.

No, I don’t mean Texans and everyone else. 😂

I mean those folks who can see the silver lining even when the thank you comes through gritted teeth, and those who tend to lean a little less to the positive side of life.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the same folks who can find the good in the darkest of places tend to have the sun shine on their side of the road  a little more often than the poor bastard who prays for rain and then bitches about the rust.

I firmly believe that when you find a way to be grateful for life’s tiniest miracles that are no bigger than a mustard seed, you are well on your way up the trail to abundance. When you are able to find gratitude in the most difficult times, you become blessed with more to be grateful for.

I also believe that the more doom you pile on your gloom, the more shit sandwiches 🥪 life is fixin’ to serve you.

So, what’s the moral to this yarn I’m spinning?

One bale of hay from a parched-ass pasture is a hell of a lot better than none, and it’s abundance beyond measure when you look at it right. 👓

Make it a point to find one thing that you’re grateful for each day. 🙏

Just try it and see if that doesn’t give you an attitude adjustment. I’ll be surprised to hear if it don’t, unless you’re one of those folks who enjoys shit sandwiches, in which case there ain’t a whole lot anybody’s gonna do for you there. 😉

Drop a line in the comment section about what you’re grateful for…


*Written by the Yoga Cowgirl Cowboy, Layne Blinco 

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