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How the “Yoga and the Cowgirl” of Yoga Cowgirl Came to Be: Part 1

How the “Yoga and the Cowgirl” of Yoga Cowgirl Came to Be: Part 1

The story of how the “yoga” and the “cowgirl” of @yogacowgirltx came to be…

Part 1: The Beginning

Hi Y’All 🤚

My name is Dr. Jodi, and I’m the yoga cowgirl behind Yoga Cowgirl TX .

Those OG, ride or die cowgirls that have attended our first 2 sessions at the McKinney Flour Mill have already met me, but I wanted to meet the acquaintance of the rest of y’all fine folks on Instagram.

I was a cowgirl long before I was a yogi. I grew up in 4H, showing horses and livestock. I was the Junior Rodeo Queen, the crowning achievement of my 14 year old life, and I was even the President of my FFA chapter through high school. I had shit on my boots from an early age, and you might say I am a product of that boot strap upbringing.

My husband 🥰 and I keep a damned menagerie of critters on our place here in McKinney, Texas that I will introduce you to here in the up coming posts. We like to keep it old school ‘round here, and raise and harvest our own meat and eggs, and grow our own vegetables. Well except for the ummm…occasional (weekly to be honest) trip to the Local Yocal Farm Market for the Wagyu beef that is frankly addictive AF.

ANY WAY… What you won’t find here is any drugstore cowgirl wannabes, in case y’all were curious about the authenticity of the cowgirl part.

The yoga part came later in life.

I came to yoga in my early thirties as a beat down corporate ladder climber stuck in Las Vegas, Nevada who was lost and utterly out of my element searching for something real…

Y’all come back now if you want to hear more of the story. 🤠🧘‍♀️🌵💛
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