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Here’s Where We Can Learn a Lesson from Those Cows

Here’s Where We Can Learn a Lesson from Those Cows

Y’all know those days where the sun is hitting’ just right.

When you’re surrounded by the right folks and the right vibe, the good energy is pouring off of you, nobody could put a dent in your mood with a front end loader, and you feel zen AF???


That’s exactly what this picture of Luke the Bull and his calves Bonnie and Clyde looks like.

Cows are simple creatures, but they sure as hell ain’t dumb. (Leave a gate open for 30 seconds and then argue with me about the collective critical thinking skills of a cattle herd as they reduce your garden to trampled plants and cow shit.) They are simple in a sense that they are completely content when they have a full belly and soft place to nap in the sun.

Being a bit more complex creatures ourselves, we have found a way to be a whole lot less satisfied with a whole lot more.

Our big ol brains evolved to solve complex problems, even when those problems don’t exist outside of the friendly confines of our complex little heads.

Sometimes we just need to outsmart that brilliant brain of ours, and simplify the input to reassure our over active onboard computer that,” I have everything I need in this moment, and I am happy.”

Now, there’s a million ways to do that, and a million pop psych TikTok to label and describe it.

But it doesn’t need to be that complicated, and you don’t need to take a masterclass in mindfulness to get there.

Here’s where we can learn a lesson from those cows…

✨Find a few likeminded folks that make you laugh.

✨Find the right vibe and the right energy that makes you feel welcome.

✨Take a minute to empty your head of all the bullshit reasons you can’t be happy, and just be.

If this sounds suspiciously like a @yogacowgirltx class to you, you’d be right.

If this sounds like a shameless plug for our upcoming Yoga Cowgirl classes you’d be kinda right.

You see, we’d be tickled to have you at our event, but more important is our mission to make yoga accessible to everyone.

If you can have fun, learn something, and take that message off the mat with you, it can change your life.

And we will be tickled as hell that we fulfilled that mission.

That’s the gospel truth.

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