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How the “Yoga and the Cowgirl” of Yoga Cowgirl Came to Be: Part 2

How the “Yoga and the Cowgirl” of Yoga Cowgirl Came to Be: Part 2

The story of how the “yoga” and the “cowgirl” of Yoga Cowgirl TX came to be…

Part 2: Leaving Las Vegas

I came to yoga in my early thirties as a beat down corporate ladder climber stuck in Las Vegas, Nevada who was lost and utterly out of my element searching for something real. Although that seems comically obvious with 15 years and a million miles in my rear view, at the time I was just looking for another way to fit-in in Vegas. I came to yoga as a physical practice; I “needed,” to lose 20 pounds to fit into an identity that didn’t fit. I realized yoga was changing more than the way my body looked. I know it sounds woo woo AF but I was conscious, maybe for the first time ever, that I was changing from the inside out.

Peering deeper into myself, not just in the mirror, I became aware of the thoughts, habits, and behaviors that had held me back. I was wanting more, but not knowing what more really meant. I felt stuck, lost and the only thing that seemed to provide some sense of clarity and purpose was yoga.

Yoga became more than just a physical exercise, it began to offer me a level of insight into myself I wasn’t finding anywhere in a town of smoke and mirrors.

This was just the beginning of my self discovery and healing from generational body image bullshit, among other fun items in my emotionally jam packed saddle bags that I had been carrying around my entire life.

My journey lead to a level of fitness I hadn’t achieved through starvation and yo-yo dieting. But more than that, it gave me the courage to leave Las Vegas and a dead end relationship to move across the country to pursue another rung on the corporate ladder.
I know, I know. I hadn’t quite learned my lesson yet. May be I had to hit my corporate bullshit threshold first, but that part is coming.

Along with the renewed swagger you can only get from leaving town with a double fisted fuck you and a fresh start, my escape from Sin City ignited a fire in me. A fire that, a short time later, finally led to me hitting that corporate bullshit threshold for good and walking away… (See. I told you it was coming)

Stay Tuned for Part 3!

The working title is “Holy Shit I Just Quit My Job!”
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