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How the “Yoga and the Cowgirl” of Yoga Cowgirl Came to Be: Part 3

How the “Yoga and the Cowgirl” of Yoga Cowgirl Came to Be: Part 3

My story of how the “yoga” and “Cowgirl” of Yoga Cowgirl TX came to be.

Part 3: “Holy Shit I Just Quit My Job!”

Riding high on a full dose of new town-new me, and the freedom of being corporate rat race free, I was on top of the world. I had it all figured out…

(Cue up that dramatic music from the movies that always makes you say Ohhhh shit y’all, something is fixin to happen!)

I decided to turn my passion in to my profession, and opened a yoga studio.

It was a ton of fun, until it wasn’t, 7 days a week for years at a time. Teaching yoga all day and being a sole proprietor running the business side of it at night has a way of knocking the blush off that rose with a baseball bat.

Even a labor of love can become hard labor.

Still, I have no regrets and look back fondly on that whole experience. I learned a lot from that lesson and the mistakes that came with it, trust me sisters.

But the most important lesson, at least for the purposes of this story, is that I found that I truly loved bringing yoga to other people who were just like me.

Making yoga accessible to those who viewed it from afar as uncomfortable and intimidating was far more rewarding. And while I loved that yoga studio and what it represented, I ultimately outgrew that experience.

I sold or gave away all the shit I was convinced I needed to make me happy…that never really did the trick, packed up the shit that I was convinced was essential, and hit the road.


I wandered around for a long minute in search of what was missing from all the places I had left behind.

Like any good fairy tale, I met a Texas cowboy 😍 along the way, fell in love, and settled down.

I put down roots…

And after all those years of wandering, I realized that’s what I was missing all along. ❤️

I had to give all that shit away to find everything I really wanted.

The one thing I couldn’t give away was my love of yoga and my passion to make yoga accessible to everyone that was ever yoga curious.

Soooo, a few years worth of twists and turns later, Yoga Cowgirl TX became my way to incorporate the parts of me and my journey that I want to share, and the passion that I have to bring yoga full circle to y’all.
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